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Sorry for the inconvenience but some of these news are in Spanish only.

Clear Zone, hear clearly
Centro Audioprotésico Aragón, in collaboration with the GTC group of I3A, has designed a system to improve the sound quality of the user receiving hearing... leer más
VINAROMAS project closure
The main conclusion of the International Symposium on Wine Aromas held in Zaragoza on 22 November was that the aroma of the wine can be... leer más
Technologies for animal welfare
The Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, the i3a and the Veterinary Technician Company have designed a system to speed up the recovery process diseased sheep http://t.co/jPIuBFEEleer más
GATHERS (I3A) and GRIMACES (USJ) research groups discover strong antioxidant in wine residues
The results achieved by these groups show that waste from ENATE Wineries are a major source of bioactive principles with many applications in the cosmetic,... leer más
Important I3A participation in the INNPACTO program
The I3A groups are going to take part in 10 projects of the INNPACTO program funded by MINECO.leer más


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